Why a Nanny Share?

There is something comforting about knowing your child is at home with a trusted caregiver whose attention is devoted to them.  Alas, the cost of a nanny puts this option out of reach for many families and instead, daycares fill up and wait lists get longer.   Sharing a nanny with another family is the perfect solution - your little one is still in a home setting with a devoted caregiver, just now shared with another family.   Here are some of the benefits I loved from my experiences with nannies over daycare:

  • Daycare ratios of children to caregiver vary by age of children but are much higher than one on one or even one caregiver to two children.

  • Knowing who is taking care of your little one all day when you're not there is such a calming, comforting feeling that allows you to go tackle whatever it is your day holds.

  • Limited exposure to other children means limited exposure to anything they can share with your child (and I'm not talking about learning to share toys...)

After my second child, I scoured websites, craigslist ads, sites to hire babysitters/nannies, neighborhood email lists to see if I could find a family that preferred a nanny share over daycare.  It took multiple days and countless hours but I eventually managed to connect with some families to see if a nanny share could work for us.  Once connected, the rest was easy... logistics of when (M-F 9am-5pm) and where (my house or yours?) were simple.  Finding potential nannies was even easier with sites like care.com or references from friends.  

I decided if I could alleviate the stress and cut down on the time it took me to find a family to start a nanny share,  it would be worth every penny and every second to help another family.  Here's to hoping you and yours connect with a family that makes kissing your little one goodbye on Monday morning as sweet as kissing them goodnight at bedtime.