My Search for a Nanny Share

There are many ways to share a nanny.   For me, one of the most important times was when my second child was very little.  I didn't have paid maternity leave so I was going to back to work pretty early.  We lived far away from all family.  I had toured some daycares and I wasn't finding anything I liked.   He was just so little, I just couldn't imagine sending him out into the world just yet.   (With my first, we were very lucky to be able to keep her home for her first 2 years.)

I was able to find a great nanny on but we couldn't really afford it.   When she decided to move away from the city, I went back to my daycare hunt and finally resorted to putting him in one not too far from our house. He was just under 6 months.  This daycare had several different classes split into age ranges across a few buildings.  I loved the caregivers but we immediately ended up with an ear infection, and then another one a few months later.  He constantly had a cold it seemed, one was so bad right after Thanksgiving that kept us home for an entire week with a sinus infection.  We also had 5 (yes 5) stomach bugs that swept through the entire  family, all of us taking our turn puking.   This was my worst daycare nightmare.  To be fair, not everyone at the daycare had it as bad as we did but I couldn't' handle it any longer.  

I began a search in earnest for a nanny share.  A former co-worker had had a nanny share a few years ago which was the first time I'd ever heard of one.  She was sharing a nanny with a family, rotating their homes each week for care, splitting the cost of the nanny.  I was convinced that he was too little to be exposed to over 40 different kids ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years so I began a hunt.

 I searched on Google, Craigslist, I even put up a Craigslist ad, dug through mom blogs, emailed my neighborhood list, and texted every mom or friend of a mom I could think of but I couldn't find a family to share a nanny with.  I even found some government site that listed registered home care for children (they are registered with the state to care for kids in their home but not a daycare, smaller numbers of children allowed).  I almost found availability there even though it was going to be a bit of  drive.  

I spent hours digging online, calling, texting etc. and in the end, I never found one.  We moved to a new spot when he was 18 months old,  and the amount of times we were home sick had already begun to ebb.  I knew exposure to germs is a part of life and is also beneficial but I just wished for him, it had happened when he wasn't so little. 

That's when I knew there had to be an easier way to find a family who was interested in the same thing - keeping their little one in a home environment, not exposed to 40+ kids germs when he was a only a baby.  I knew there had to be other families who wanted the same thing I did or had gone through a similar, stressful, exhausting experience.  

Meet Nanny Share Connect, for parents from a parent who's been in the trenches.  I want to help other parents have more choices when looking for child care,  including being able to afford a nanny.