Guide to Setting up Your Nanny Share

Nanny shares are an affordable alternative to daycares, especially when your little ones need more one on one, individual care. is here to help you find a family to share a nanny with. Here is our guide to get you going on setting up your nanny share.

First, find a family.

  • Signup at

  • Review the available families on the map to see if there are options near you

  • Help! Share the link to on Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter, and email neighborhood lists to get more families signed up near you.

  • Subscribe to a plan (monthly or premium access) to contact any families near you and determine fit.

Next, are we a good match to share a nanny?

  • What start dates are you looking for?

  • What’s schedule are you looking for? Full time, part, time, days fo the week, hours of the day?

  • How many children do you need care for?  Their ages?

  • How long do you think you'll need a nanny share?  The next 12 months? Until summer?

  • Do you have pets, allergies, etc, that we need to discuss?

  • Parenting philosophies? Important goals?

Found your family? Set up the share details.

  • Whose home would you like to host nanny share in?  Interested in alternating?

  • Do you have a nanny in mind or would you like to interview one together?

  • How much per hour shall we pay the nanny?

  • What holidays / vacations do we need off?

  • Interested in setting up a backup care option in case the nanny gets sick?

  • Emergency contact info exchange

  • Nearby parks, stroller , snacks, craft activities