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What is a Nanny Share?


How to Nanny Share

Nanny shares are where two families come together to share a nanny, making it an affordable option for child care. The nanny cares for both children in one family’s home (sometimes alternating) and each family pays half of the nanny’s wages.

There are multiple ways to share - part time, full time, a few days week, every weekday, etc. depending on your needs. The options are endless once you find a family that is looking for a similar or complementary schedule.


Finding the right family to start a nanny share with is key. That’s where we come in - we map you to nearby families so you can find the right match. Once you’ve found a family to share with, get your nanny share started!

  1. Sign up to set up your myNannyShare account so we can map you to nearby families.

  2. Check our map, see nearby options? Subscribe to contact any family on the map.

  3. Find the right family match? Discuss the start date, hours, pay, whose home (or alternating) for care. (Read our checklist to make this a breeze. )

  4. Hire a nanny and set the start date. (Need interview help? We got you! Read our tips here. )

  5. Get back to whatever it is you do (work, play, free time) while your little one is getting one on one care and making a new friend.


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Families looking for nanny shares 


I’m not constantly checking my phone, worrying. My little one is home, surrounded by familiar things and faces, the nanny and a new friend.
— R.H.
I can go to work and concentrate.
— K.L
My son started daycare at 5 months old. I thought that was old enough. We spent the next 6 months sick, one after another. I searched desperately for a nanny share to get him in a home environment and it took forever. So glad this exists to help families connect faster.
— D. F.