Monthly myNannyShare  Access
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Monthly myNannyShare Access
18.99 every month

Monthly gives you instant access to families in your neighborhood who are looking for a nanny share, just like you. Cancel anytime once you’ve found want you need.

  • Review all the connections in your area at your own pace

  • Be automatically notified when new families near you sign up

  • Access to nanny share setup tips and interview guides

  • Renews each month

  • Simple, no hassle cancel

  • Refunds available if you can’t find what you need


Premium myNannyShare Access
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Premium myNannyShare Access

Have access to families looking for a nanny share anytime you need one. Looking to share a nanny for your newborn?  Looking to share a nanny for after school pick-up / tutoring during grade school years? Move to a new city and need a new nanny share?

  • Unlimited access to nearby families, anytime, anywhere

  • 3 day targeted ad campaign to find families in your area

  • Automatically get notified anytime a new family near you signs up

  • No subscription to manage

  • How to nanny share guide and hiring a nanny share tips

  • 10 hours of one on one nanny share support for any questions, help, advice, etc.

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